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Commencing Trade In Ireland

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Commencing Trade In Ireland

Commencing Trade In Ireland
commencing trade in Ireland

If you are not an individual you must set up either a company or a branch of an existing company.

At BCK we can assist you in setting up your entity with an exceptionally quick turnaround. This will normally take up to twelve weeks but at BCK we can achieve this in just four to six weeks.

At BCK we will devise an action plan to ensure that your business can commence when you want it to. Let us take care of the administration and red tape so that you can concentrate on making your business a success.

Key Events

We set out below the key events that you need to consider so as to commence business in Ireland:

  • Branch or Company Formation.
  • Registration for Taxes.
  • Open a Bank Account.
  • Installation of EPOS and Merchant Services.
  • Recruitment of Staff or Agency.
  • Service of Process.
  • Employee Tenancy.
  • Payroll Services.
  • Bookkeeping & Tax Compliance.
  • Parent Company Reporting.
  • Companies Office Compliance.

We have a dedicated and streamlined expertise that makes this process straightforward, providing you with peace of mind.

Company Formation

A foreign company which is registered abroad may establish a branch in the State.

The entity must be registered with Companies Registration Office under the (Branch Disclosures) Regulations 1993 (SI No 395 of 1993). This registration must take place within one month of the establishment of a place of the branch in the State.

Documents Required

A Form F12 (EU Country) or Form F13 (Non-EU Country) must be completed for the registration of all branches. This must be accompanied by the following:

A certified copy of the charter, status or memorandum and articles of the company, or other instrument constituting, or defining the constitution of the company.
A copy of the certificate of incorporation of the company.

Copies of the latest accounting documents of the company.

The Memorandum and Articles must be certified as a true copy in the country in which the company is incorporated by: The Registrar of Companies; or A notary public; or An officer of the company on oath before a person having authority to administer an oath

For more information you can download our Commencing Trade in Ireland brochure and also you can contact us at 01 6765333 or by email here to speak with a consultant about your case.